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Georgia Criminal Defense and Worker's Compensation Lawyers

Corales & Woody, LLC is an Atlanta-based law firm dedicated to providing aggressive and skilled legal services in all Georgia counties to clients who have been accused of committing crimes or have been injured on the job.

If you are facing criminal charges, keep in mind that the state of Georgia leads the country in criminal punishment. According to a 2010 study, one in every thirteen people in Georgia is in jail or prison, on probation or on parole. That is the highest rate of criminal punishment in the country and is more than double the national average. Don’t be a statistic! The attorney you hire to defend you in court could be the deciding factor in whether you win your case and avoid conviction, or become one of the many people in Georgia under strict correctional control. Corales & Woody, LLC will stand by you from the early stages of your case all the way through resolution and beyond, putting its dedication and expertise to work for you. While it is important to contact a lawyer as early as possible in your case, we can assist you at any and all of the following stages:

Pre-Trial Stage

Warrant Application Hearing
Bench Warrants
Bond Hearing
Probable Cause Hearing
Calendar Call
Motions Hearing
Suppression Hearing

Trial Stage

Bench Trial
Jury Trial

Post-Trial Stage

Sentencing Hearing
Probation Revocation Hearing
Sentence Modification Hearing
Habeas Corpus Petition

If you have been injured on the job, the right lawyer can maximize the amount of benefits you receive. In 2010, over $1.5 billion in workers' compensation benefits were awarded in the state of Georgia. Don't leave any money on the table! Corales & Woody, LLC is dedicated to aggressively and knowledgeably representing its clients at all stages of their workers' compensation claims, from initial reporting to settlement.

Types of injuries commonly seen and for which workers’ compensation can help include (but are not limited to):

• Lifting injures
• Back and neck strains
• Herniated discs
• Carpal tunnel syndrome
• Knee injuries including ACL and MCL tears
• Shoulder injuries or rotator cuff tears
• Repetitive motion injuries
• Brain injuries
• Chronic pain syndrome
• Nerve damage or RSD
• Closed head injuries
• Total hip or knee replacements
• Stress or depression related to a traumatic physical injury
• Spinal cord injuries
• Amputations

Contact us today for a free consultation in your criminal or workers' compensation case. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year.



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